Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earthseed Movie

Earthseed movieParamount has greenlit a movie adaptation of Earthseed, the 1983 young-adult science-fiction novel by Pamela Sargent. The story of Earthseed focuses on a group of teenagers aboard a spaceship, they're the last hope of mankind for a new start. Melissa Rosenberg (behind the Twilight movie franchise) is attached as producer and will also pen the screenplay. There's no official release date yet.

A few words from Melissa Rosenberg about Earthseed:

"It really talks about the debate of nature vs. nurture, what is innately human and what can be bred in or out of someone. There's a Lord of the Flies element to it. It involves a young woman who starts off as someone who is content with playing by the rules and being a 'good girl', and then has to realize that the rules are malleable and that she has to step forward as a leader. It's really about coming into one's own power and embracing one’s own strength and individuality."
Scriptwriter Melissa Rosenberg
"Earthseed takes place in a future where humans launch a project called Ship to carry Earth DNA into space to find a new planet on which to settle. During its flight, a group of newly grown teenagers born without traditional parents are provided a simulated Earth environment, Hollow, to test their ability to survive. As some of the kids splinter off, tensions grow between the groups and major revelations ensue as fighting erupts."

Earthseed is actually the first in a trilogy of novels by Pamela Sargent, with Farseed (2007) and Seed Seeker (2010) rounding out the series. So there's hope for a franchise if the Earthseed movie is a success.

Anyway, stay tuned with us more details about the movie Earthseed!